Silvan Song essences provide an energetic conduit for personal and spiritual growth.
Just as a tree has deep roots, a strong flexible trunk and its branches and leaves reach for the sky, Silvan Song essences provide an energetic conduit for personal and spiritual growth while grounding and stabilizing us to our earth mother.

Imparting the energetic frequency of a tree, each essence has a specific and unique gift. Take a journey with the trees today and allow nature to nourish you as if you were living deep in an ancient forest.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen in symbiotic relationship with man. They are deeply aware of the environmental perils we are facing and wish to help us reconnect to nature so we both can flourish on this small planet. We can take a quantum leap in consciousness by dropping the veil of separation and reconnecting to the forest of trees which hold the resonance of oneness for all life. These essences are their gift of love to assist us with this process.

Made from leaves, bark and seeds, Silvan Song tree essences offer vital support during this unique time in history. Use them to smooth and strengthen your path, deepen your intuition and clarify your goals and dreams. The love and wisdom from the trees are here for you!
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Roots: the creators Trunks: for daily support Branches: new potentials Leaves: the Visionaries
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