Roots: Creators of New Energy

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#2 Northern Red Oak w/Watermelon Tourmaline: Opportunity #2 Northern Red Oak w/Watermelon Tourmaline: Opportunity
  • Assists to gain a broader perspective, a more balanced view
  • When you need to branch out more, helps you see new options
  • When you have spread yourself too thin, helps you consolidate and focus
  • To be more effective in using your innate talents/exploring new horizons
  • Tourmaline opens the heart to a deeper understanding of situations
  • Supports the lung meridian


Price $13.99

#5 American Beech: Centered #5 American Beech: Centered
  • Opens the central core for grounding and centering
  • Keeps one centered when many things are happening at once
  • Allows one to see more clearly whatís most important and
    take action on it
  • Supports the 4th, 5th, & 6th chakras
  • Supports the circulation/sex meridian


Price $13.99
#7 Tuliptree: Creativity
#7 Tuliptree: Creativity

  • Increases sensitivity to the multiple layers of oneís being, especially the emotional and creative
  • Softens the familial and cultural programming to allow the true self to bloom
  • Strengthens the flow between the chakras allowing access to the higher mind
  • Strengthens healthier boundaries
  • Supports the stomach meridian


Price $13.99
#10 Magnolia: Inner Beauty #10 Magnolia: Inner Beauty
  • Iím the Southern Belle of trees; I represent renewed hope and grandeur as I have done for southern people for centuries now. Eases sadness and loss.
  • Clears delusions of grandeur and not being easily seduced by appearances, titles and glamour
  • Assists in being proud of oneís past and appreciating oneís own inner beauty and talents
  • Supports 2nd & 3rd chakras and the spleen meridian


Price $13.99
#22 River Birch: Thirst #22 River Birch: Thirst
  • Helps see the interconnectedness of all life by sourcing the inner rhythm that relates to the rhythms of bodies of water, with the oceans, rivers, lakes and underground.
  • Promotes a fluid grounding through all water in and on the earth
  • Renews our thirst for water and connection
  • Supports the 5th & 6th chakras and the kidney meridian

Price $13.99
NEW! #33 White Oak w/ Lapis Lazuli; Productivity
  • Good for strength and resilience; assists productivity
  • Assists with developing a strong core and unified vision
  • Good if youíve spent too much time procrastinating or being unsure
  • Good for cellular energy
  • Helps let go of whatís keeping them from moving forward
  • Lapis help to take charge
  • Supports 3rd, 5th and 7th chakras and heart and gallbladder meridians
Price $13.99
NEW! #64 Tamarack Larch; Reconnection
  • Creates sense of peace about how your life has unfolded
  • Acceptance of past and present while connects to your future
  • Appreciation of the quiet and flow of life
  • clears fear of the future
  • Supports 6th, 8th and 10th chakras and all meridians
Price $13.99
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